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You can sign up for the dates by clicking the volunteer application tab below. Please, indicate what times you and your family may be able to participate, and what duties you would like to perform. To volunteer, we will need an email address or phone number, and a count of people that you plan to bring.

Date / Time and Numbers Needed

December 16 Sunday: from 7am to 11am


7 am - (5) drivers and trucks - Pick up food and supplies from stores and warehouses

8 am - (50) Basket Assembly

8 am - (20) General Help

8 am - (20) Chritmas Gift Card Making

8 am - (10) Gift Wrap

8 am - (20) Complete Meals and Load Trucks

9 am - (50) Drivers and Trucks - Begin dinner delivery

10 am - (20) Clean Up

11 am - (4) Driver and truck to deliver remaining food to Mary’s kitchen.

11 am - (8) Driver and truck to deliver to Camp Pendelton



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